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Infinity NYE 2017 Lineup

Dada Life

"This is Dada Land. Get ready to arrive beautiful and leave ugly. There are no rules but the rules of Dada. Don't look back in the past. Always go forward. And whatever you do: don't trust us."
-Dada Life

Dillon Francis

"I love the Internet and pissing off your Mom and Dad (especially if they’re hippies). Love You."
-Dillon Francis

Flux Pavilion

Coined "the KING of dubstep," Flux Pavilion has not stopped pushing musical boundaries and creating epic, bone-crushing bass heavy songs. Renowned for his hits "I Can't Stop," "Bass Cannon," & recent collaborations with artists like NGHTMRE and Snails, he is a genius who dominates every set he plays.

G - Eazy

"I was like 'those guys are super cool,'" he says. "I was never the coolest kid growing up, but I wasn't a loser either, I was somewhere in between, but I always liked the prettiest girls. And I don't know, I wanted to be that quarterback-type of person but I was never any good at sports, I was into music instead. I never looked at it as a hobby. I looked at it as my career from day one and people would say I was foolish for that. But… I wanted to take this to the moon because why not?


Boombox Cartel

Having an incredibly diverse musical background, Boombox Cartel combines their love and knowledge of music with an innovative and unique sound. The duo originally met while attending music school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their musical chemistry was instantly apparent and after a few self-releases, Boombox Cartel their star power began shining through a swift rise to the top of the Minneapolis DJ scene.


Illenium has distinguished himself from the myriad of others through an unrivaled ability to create an immersive emotional experience of highs and lows that pulls on the heart strings and leaves the listener awestruck, accomplishing in the span of just a few short minutes what takes many a full set. This unrivaled abilility just might make you shed a tear, all while dancing your heart out!


Exploding from the underground, Joyryde is becoming known for creating his own niche of electronic music known as "swurve house." This bouncing, deep sound has captivated every crowd since his debut show at EDC Las Vegas over the summer. With releases like "The Box," which just hit over one-million plays, he is guaranteed to absolutely crush this New Year!

Connor Schatzel, better known as LUMBERJVCK, is a musical perfectionist having mastered the guitar, piano, and drums at a young age in Arcadia, CA. To hone his skills as a producer Connor attended Icon Collective music production school in Burbank, CA. His music career progressed, making a cameo appearance in Borgore’s UZA music video as well as winning the EDC Chicago Discovery Project. LUMBERJVCK started making a name for himself through his free, but extremely filthy hybrid trap and dubstep releases on EDM.com. These releases built his initial fan base that led to LUMBERJVCK’s most dedicated followers, the “JVCKSQUAD.” One of his most successful songs to date, “Click Clvck,” made its way around the world on Skrillex’s 2014 Mothership Tour, validating his credibility as a music producer.